February 2017

Factory Upgrade

In 2017, the factory was upgraded with French technology and new electronic systems, giving the company opportunity to manufacture plastic granules and halogen-free XLP insulation for our cable production.

March 2017

CPR Compliant Cables

SakCable cables are CPR compliant, CE labeling - this is the fastest way to identify CPR compliant cable. CE marking confirms that the product complies with European legislation on health, safety and environmental compliance and allows free trade on the European market. Harmonized European standard cables, known as HAR cables, comply with the European Harmonization Standard set by CENELEC of the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization.

April 2017

Gas Emission Free Cables

JSC Sakcable has started producing halogen-free cables, which in case of fire does not emit gas. List of cables :


January 2018

LVD And CPR Testing

Our products are tested in our factory laboratory, which was accredited by the accreditation center of the Ministry of Economy of Georgia. Our laboratory has been updated in accordance with Euro regulations, in particular the Euro Directive LVD and CPR.

June 2018

Harmonized Cables

Harmonized European standard cables manufactured by SakCable :

N2XH Standard DIN VDE 0276-604
NHXMH Standard DIN VDE 0250-214
N2XY Standard DIN VDE 0271 IEC 60502
NYM standard DIN VDE 0250-204
NYY Standard DIN VDE0276 Part 603

January 2019

Functional Cables

In 2019 JSC SakCable started manufacturing functional cables (N2XH / NHXH Fe 180), fire-resistant cables which ensure uninterrupted power supply for up to 3 hours even under the direct flame exposure